Monday 3.27.17

For time:

800 M Run (MMS)
30 Power Clean and Jerks (135/95)
600 M Run
20 Power Clean and Jerks (155/105)
400 M Run
10 Power Clean and Jerks (185/125)

Rx’d + (155/105…185/125…225/155)

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“Hustle never has a bad day.”

Sunday 3.26.17

Rest Day

Saturday 3.25.17

3 rounds of:

Every 6 minutes complete:

400 M Run
10 Toes to Bar
10 Deadlifts (275/185)

10 Burpees

1) Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes:

Even minutes-“Goat 1″
Odd minutes-“Goat 2″

“Almost every man wastes part of his life in attempts to display qualities which he does not possess, and to gain applause which he cannot keep.”~Samuel Johnson

Friday 3.24.17

CrossFit Games Open 17.5

10 rounds for time of:

9 Thrusters (95/65)
35 Double Unders

View Standards HERE

“The successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesn’t like to do.”~Thomas Edison

Thursday 3.23.17

Teams of 2 complete the following for time:

3 rounds of:

200 M Run
400 M Run
600 M Run

One partner runs while other partner rest.

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“Follow your passion, and success will follow you.”~Terri Guillemets

Wednesday 3.22.17

As many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

500 M Row
30 Power Snatches (135/95)
Max Muscle Ups in the time remaining

Compare to HERE

1) 4 rounds not for time of:

12 -15 DB Bench Press reps
Max Reps Strict Chin Ups

“We are either progressing or retrograding all the while; there is no such thing as remaining stationary in this life.”~James Freeman Clarke

Tuesday 3.21.17

Complete the following:

Max reps in 2 minutes of:

Push Presses (95/65)
Ab Mat Sit Ups
DB Thrusters (50/35)
Row (Cals)
Strict Ring Dips

Rest 1 minute between each movement

Max reps in 1 minute of:

Push Presses (95/65)
Ab Mat Sit Ups
DB Thrusters (50/35)
Row (Cals)
Strict Ring Dips

“Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age.  Sometimes age just shows up all by itself.”~Tom Wilson

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