Wednesday 9.15.10

Do you ever think about how you pray or when?  Is it a daily desire to start your day off?  Do you pray in the car on the way to work?  Do you say a prayer before you eat or before you go to bed?  It is funny how all us would answer this question differently.  Some of us pick up our habits that we were taught as a child.  Some of us may not pray unless we need something.   One time someone told me to pray in this order ACTS.  A is for admission.  Admission is the act of admitting. C is for confession.  Confessing our sins.  T is for Thanksgiving.  Thanking God for our blessings.  S is for Supplication.  Supplication means to ask for humbly. 
I always thought that made sense.  Not that prayer always has to be this structured.  We admit we are sinners and confess our sins.  We thank God for what He has done.  We humbly ask for what is on our heart that we need for us or someone else.  The main thing is that we pray.  Prayer is so important in our relationship to God.  Try to make that time and you will find that it helps you throughout the day. I love this verse about when we pray and ask for forgiveness our sins. 

“as far as the east is from the west,
so far has he removed our transgressions from us.”
Psalm 103: 12

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