Wednesday 7.27.11







3 rounds for time of:

400 M Run
100 M Waiter’s walk right arm (50/35)
2 Rope Climbs
100 M Waiter’s walk left arm(50/35)
30 Sit ups

Strength: Bench press 1 x 8 @85%-2 x 10 @ 75%- 2 x 10 @ 70%  

Games Streamed Live on ESPN3

Catch all the World Games action next week on ESPN 3! Yeah, that’s right, CrossFit on ESPN.  The action starts Friday. Coverage is LIVE and highlights will stream at 9pm.
Signs you may be a CrossFitter…

1.  You tell a woman after the workout, “You’re a beast!” and she wholeheartly says “Thank you!”
2. The first 5 sites  your computer screen has on it each morning after you boot it up are CrossFit sites.
3.  Your shins have more scrapes  and bruises than a twelve year old boy (mainly due to thinking that someone changed your box height between your warm up and after your first round). 
4.  You know better than to say, “That looks easy.” 
5.  You’ve spent HOURS watching videos of other people working out (who does that?) 
6.  CrossFit t-shirts dominate your wardrobe. 
7.  When you travel, your first concern is if there is a local affiliate close by. 
8.  You must WOD with loud music that annoys everyone that goes in the tag office and the movie store, but never hear a word of it. 
9.  You don’t bite your nails, you pick your callouses. 
10.  You talk about WODS, Snatches, Thrusters, and Jerking, and know that none of these have anything to do with sex. 
11.  You consider other CrossFitter’s family. 
12.  Refresh is your favorite button after 9pm.
13. 3 on 1 off takes priority in your schedule.
14.  There are days you have to talk yourself OUT of going to the gym because it’s a rest day and that means you are suppose to rest, right? You are confused at this and ask your coach if you can still go for a run. When they tell you rest means rest, still confused, you ask if that means you should do nothing or could you do…?
15.  You shave your hands. 
16. Almond butter is the nectar of the Gods.
17.  You think in blocks not calories.
18.  You don’t remember what it is like to have mirrors in your gym.
19. You start worrying more about how deep your squats are than how heavy they are.
20.   You workout in a box, not a gym.
21.  Someone stares at you with a “you’re craaaaaazzzzzyyy” look after you describe your WOD.
22.  You find yourself bragging to people how sore you are.
23.  You talk about being “broke down” and your fellow CrossFitters know your car is fine.
24.  You have priced a kettlebell online.
25.  Memories of doing preacher curls in front of a mirror in your old gym leave you feeling uneasy and embarrassed.

Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.~Roy L. Smith

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21 Replies to “Wednesday 7.27.11”

  1. You look at the crossfit murphy webpage at least six times a day (does anyone else do that?)

  2. Power:260×8 (Fail but good effort)
    Wide :230x10x2 (Fail but slightly humorous)
    Close:205×10 (Fail and quite embarrassing)
    Close:185×10 (Fail and Down right AWFUL)

    -If you strategically plan which shoes to wear based on your workout.
    -The only “Snickers” you enjoy are the ones you share with other crossfitters when laughing about how hard the WOD is.
    -When you say grace, you ask forgivness for eating icecream, bad carbs, etc
    -Before every meal, you ask would Chris Spealler, Mikko Salo, or Erik Laney eat this?

  3. 19:27 (26lb KB and ring rows)
    -When your husband adds a sports package to his satellite just SO he can get ESPN 3 to watch Crossfit Games.
    -You are looking for Coconut Oil in grocery store and other people think you mean a tanning oil and not a paleo way of cooking….

  4. 19:??? can’t remember
    – When you are talking to your relatives about your DL PR and you get to the end of the story and they say – um could you start over and tell us what DL and PR mean?
    – Or when you are debating about going to the mud run with your crossfit team instead of going to a family wedding!

  5. 22:48 (25lbs/ring rows)
    BP = 75/70/65

    When you check the WOD at your home affiliate when you are out of town and know you are not going to be there.

  6. 21:59 and crossfit is when u leave the gym today so brokedown that you go to tbirds to get a salad bc you are to tired to cook and yet when they say u have a ten minute wait u walk over to mes and see how many pullups u can knock out on the playground

  7. 23:06 (40 lb)
    Bench: 210 x 8 (failed on #7)Power Grip
    185 x 10 Wide Grip
    185 x 10 (failed on #9)Wide Grip
    170 x 10 (failed on #7)Close Grip
    155 x 10 (failed on #8)Close Grip

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