Wednesday 5.30.12

For time:

Run 1 mile (MHS Loop reverse)
30 Back Squats (bodyweight/75% bodyweight)
30 Jump Touches (18/12 inches above reach)

Compare to 1.19.12

Strength: Power Clean (find a 3 rep max) 3 x 3 @ 90% of 3 RM

Compare SWOD to HERE

CrossFit For Hope

Increase Your Squat With Your Warm Up

Regional Update Show

Annie Thorisdottir’s World Record Event 2

“Live your life in the manner that you would like your kids to live theirs.”~Michael Levine

27 Replies to “Wednesday 5.30.12”

  1. Power Clean 3 rep max: 85 lbs — New one rep PR – 95 lbs!

    WOD: 19:02 (85 lbs back squat)

  2. 18:46(13:06 Mile) 155 Back Squat (too shallow)
    145 Power Clean (need to work on shrug)
    I’m not breaking any records, but I’m getting stronger and gaining more endurance every day.
    13 pounds lost and 2 inches off waist in first month of Crossfit, thanks to all who support and encourage me, it’s been a great experience.

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