Wednesday 4.17.19

10 rounds not for time of:

2 Cleans (must reset between each rep)
3 High Box Jumps

Complete 10 sets with the load increasing every set.  Immediately perform 3 High Box Jumps after each set of Cleans. There is no time component for the workout.  Rest as long as needed between sets, but load must increase every set. 

Compare loads to HERE

Thursday, April 18th is BRING A FRIEND DAY. This will be a free class for our friends and they are welcome to join us during any class that day.

“No amount of stress is worth your health. We frequently look at just our training programs as the means to a healthy lifestyle. What about all of the outside variables? Your job, amount of sleep, nutrition, that relationship you need to foster, making more time for experiences. The list goes on. Some are obvious and some we may subconsciously choose to avoid. Health isn’t just your max clean and jerk and Fran time. Pay attention to the other 23 hours outside of the gym.”~Chris Spealler

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