Wednesday 2.28.12

Teams of 2 for max reps in 5 minutes at each station:

-Max Reps Ring Dips
-Static Pull Up Hold (Partner may only be performing dips only while the other partner’s chin is above the bar.  Partners switch at failure)

-Row (cals)
-Static Deadlift Hold (225/155/switch at failure)

-Max True Push Ups
-Static Handstand Hold (switch at failure)

-Max Distance Farmer’s Walk (as heavy as possible walking the 100 M route)
One team member will travel 100 (Switch every 100 M).  Every time the weights touch the ground, partner performs 5 burpees.

Post team score to comments.

Nutrition for the Power Athlete-CrossFit Football

One WOD Down

Which way did you go today?

By 2606, the US Diet will be 100 percent sugar

Deadline for jump rope order will be this Monday.  Post your size at gym.  Find out how to measure HERE.

We will be performing the CrossFit Games Open WOD during regular class times each Thursday.  The 5:30 session will be open gym where coaches will be participating in the WOD.  If you choose to make up the Open WOD, you may repeat it during the Saturday morning 9:00am session. 

The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort.~Colin Powell

15 Replies to “Wednesday 2.28.12”

  1. Amanda and Jenni – 109/71/70/20= 270 (blue band for Amanda/60lb DB/155lb DL)

    Tracy & Jeremy, so excited for your little bun in the oven! You all are going to make wonderful parents!

  2. Leighton and Tracy 243

    Thanks to everyone for all the sweet comments!
    Jeremy and I are so excited to finally share our
    news with our CrossFit Murphy family!

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