Wednesday 2.1.12

For time:

150 Push Ups (de-load)

Everytime you stop and rest with your chest on the ground this constitutes a penalty. If a penalty is counted, you must immediately perform 3 deadlifts at 55-65% of one RM  . Once the penalty is completed continue with the push ups.

You can rest in a pike position (the top of a push up) but once you can not do push ups any longer and need to rest on the ground, a penalty is counted.

Strength: Split Jerk (work to heavy single)

“Fear” from CrossFit Black Box

Get Your Mind Right-CrossFit Lisbeth


“Cherry Picking, Ducking, and Avoiding WODs” from CPM Fitness.

The Peanut

Wednesday Schedule:
8:15-9:15am CrossFit WOD
4:30-5:30 CrossFit WOD
5:30-6:30 Yoga
6:30-7:30 CrossFit WOD

Too many people go through life waiting for things to happen instead of making them happen!~Sasha Azevedo

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