Wednesday 10.13.10

“Head to Head”

Two athletes go head to head
Each athlete will choose one exercise from each modality
Reps will be 15-10-5

  • Metabolic Conditioning
    400 m Run
    Double unders
    200 m Run
    Row(cals-depends on class size)
  • Gymnastics
    Muscle ups
    Pull ups
    Handstand push ups
    Push ups (with hand release)
    Box Jumps(24/20)
  • Weight Lifting
    Power Clean (135/95)
    Push Press (155/105)
    Snatch (115/75)
    Overhead Squat (95/65)
    Thruster (95/65)

Exercises will be scaled to capabilities.

Each athlete will choose one exercise from each modality.  You will in turn build  your own WOD. Reps will be 15-10-5 
For example:  Partner A chooses 400 m run, handstand push ups, and deadlift.  Both partners will begin partner A’s WOD on 3-2-1 Go!!!

For example:

400 m Run
15 Deadlift
400 m Run
10 Deadlift
400 m Run
5 Deadlift

For time:

Then you will rest and repeat the process and perform Partner B’s WOD-For time:

Yes, you will do two WODs today.

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7 Replies to “Wednesday 10.13.10”

  1. I like how you scroll down thinking, “hey this could be fun,” then you scroll some more and it’s, “Hey wait a minute 2 WOD’s!” Nice programming sir. Nice Programming.

  2. Row for cals / pull ups / hang clean and press (135) 5:08 Erik Won
    200 M Sprint / burpee box jumps / snatch (115) 6:31 Ray Won

  3. 200 meter run/kettle bell swings (35lbs)/box jumps 6:05
    Row for cals/push ups with hand release/deadlift (95/85 lbs) 6:45

  4. 200m run, box jumps, kettlebells-3:46 maybe
    double unders, burpees, deadlifts(155)-6:46 maybe I know Jenni beat me by about a minute

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