Tuesday 9.6.11

7 Push presses (135/95)
14 Ring dips
21 Double unders

5 rounds for time:

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5
Core Circuit

21 Days of Paleo/Primal Challenge

“Things that make you better are not always fun.  If they were you would be better already.”

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17 Replies to “Tuesday 9.6.11”

  1. 6:00 but modified because I am gimpeeeeee! 7 1 arm KB push press 35lb (left arm) 14 box jumps 21 double unders

  2. 10:something (115 lb PP and singles)w/penalty burpees.
    Made it to the Jackknives on the core workout.
    185 lb on BS.

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