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  1. SWOD – Sub 5 x 3 BS (245)
    WOD – Sub Row Cals (20-15-10) for PC/Ring Rows for Ring Dips – 11:05

  2. Kayla and I managed to WOD yesterday on a Guatemalan mountain top……needless to say we were stared at by most and pointed at. One little Guatemalan lady thought we were truly insane by the look on her face. But, we finished those 21 minutes proudly. Today, we worked our tails off under the Guatemalan sun and drank like 10 gallons of H2O. At the job site our translator warned me not to pick up the cement bag and move it because it weighed 50 lbs. I ignored him and did anyway….later he apologized and said he didn’t mean to offend me. I told him I wasn’t upset…..I just came here to work. So, today’s WOD was walking up and down sketchy ladders, hauling heavy things, shoveling, etc. Lastly, I met a fellow Crossfitter in the orphanage….she was rocking a baby and noticed my T shirt…..and thus began another friendship.

    I am thankful even more now than last time I was here! I can see God at work so clearly! Thankful for all of you as well….
    Dios te bendiga,


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