Tuesday 4.19.11

Run 1 mile (MHS Loop)
Rest 10 minutes
Run 1 mile (MHS Loop)

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Strength:  Power Clean one rep every minute on the minute for 10 minutes.

BOD POD testing will be Wednesday, April 20th.  You must have registered online before you test.

Instructions for Testing and How To Register

Schedule your BOD POD Test Here

How the BOD POD Works Demo Video

Differences between grass fed beef and grain fed beef

Tuesday Schedule
4:15-5:15 CrossFit WOD
5:15-6:15 Understanding Zone/Paleo/Primal Nutrition
6:15-7:15 CrossFit WOD

 The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.  ~Samuel Johnson

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