Tuesday 2.5.13

Last night we were watching The Biggest Loser.  It is amazing to how people transform with proper diet and exercise.  They have been implementing CrossFit in their workouts.  We all have the control to change.   The key is balance.  How do we keep a balance and feel like all is in check?  We stay close to the Lord and read His word.  Discipline is success.

Self-control is something we exercise everyday in our life. How much we eat, how much we exercise, how much money we spend, etc… Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. It is hard to keep every area of our life balanced. But, if we are not careful, lack of self-control can bring damage to our health and well-being.

“Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.” Proverbs 25:28

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