Tuesday 1.3.12

With a continuously running clock do one Thruster (135/95) the first minute, two Thrusters the second minute, three Thrusters the third minute… continuing as long as you are able. 

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Post number of minutes completed to comments.

Strength: Deadlift 5-5-5

Registration for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open launches on Feb 1 – video [wmv] [mov]

Registration for The Garage Games ends 1.21.12

CrossFitters and New Year’s Resolutions?

CrossFitters do not set resolutions.  CrossFitters set goals.  Goals differ from resolutions because resolutions tend to be set from something different than the norm.  A resolution may be, “I am going to get back into shape in 2012.” CrossFitters tend to set goals, either short term or long term such as I am going to work on a personal weakness and make it my strength.  For example, a person views their movement in the Oly lifts are a weakness so what will they do about it.  Focus on it!!  Set a measurable goal to improve!!  The same goes for your nutrition.  Has it been your weakness lately?  Make it your strength.  What will you do about it?  Focus on it!!  Practice the things that will make it improve.  The new year is a great opportunity to refocus and set measurable goals.  CrossFit Murphy will begin a Nutrition Challenge Monday, January 9th.  The challenge is not a weight loss challenge.  It is an improvement to your health challenge.  Be prepared mentally and physically.  Details will be posted at the gym.

The future is always beginning now.~Mark Strand 

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