Thursday 8.25.11

4 rounds of:

Every 3 minutes complete:

400 M Run
3 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
5 Cleans (155/105)

Post times to comments.

Strenghth: Bench Press 1 x 4 @ 93% 2 x 5 @ 86% 2 x 5 @ 82% 

“Cherry Picking, Ducking, and Avoiding WODs” from CPM Fitness.

Defeating disease with CrossFit and a grain-free diet

“Rules” that apply to CrossFit: 

1.  Please leave your ego at the door.
2.  The WOD is always harder than it looks.
3.  No one who walks through the door for the first time can do every workout prescribed. 
4.  Scaling is smart. It allows for learning proper form and technique, building strength and muscle memory. It avoids injury, overuse, and the development of bad habits because the weight or range of motion is too much.  Everyone scales.  Refer back to rule #1.
5.  Make every rep count. Count every rep.  No one will remember what your score is in the morning, but everyone will remember if you cheated.  Show up, do the work!!!  Get better!! 
6.  CrossFit builds mental toughness as much as physical fitness. CrossFit will find your weakness. If you avoid your  weaknesses, you will be less fit.  You get more fit by building on your strengths and training your weaknesses.  You are as Fit as your weaknesses. 
7.  Pre-WOD “butterflies”? We all get them.
8.  If someone vomits or passes out they are considered resting.
9.  Everyone will not understand why CrossFit is makes you more fit than other programs.  You can try to tell them that less is more but they will not understand until they actually do it.   
10.  CrossFit to make life outside the gym better.  Make a concious effort to play!!!

When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”~Author Unknown

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