Thursday 6.27.13

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes complete:

5 Thrusters (95/65)
12 Push Ups (de-load)

Rx’d + (115/80)

1) 2 Cleans every minute on the minute for 8 minutes

3) Bench Press 4 x 4 (all sets at same weight)

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you will be criticized anyway.”~Eleanor Roosevelt

23 Replies to “Thursday 6.27.13”

  1. Cleans 185lb
    BP 225X3/235lb

    WOD 95lb (5 rounds in middle no PU’s, forgot to eat in the AM, paid the price, out of gas)

    Eat something 1 hour before you go. Your going to need it!

  2. Cleans 95×4 105 x 4
    BP 85 x1 (90) x 3 (thanks Zach)

    WOD (55lbs after round 5 few push-ups completed)

  3. Clean 275 (squat clean x 4 minutes/ power clean x 4 minutes)
    BP: 225/225/235/235
    Wod: 115lbs/ true push ups on pvc

  4. PC: 95
    BP: 85/95/100/105
    WOD:@55lbs… good gracious on the de-loads…got down to 4 last 3 rounds…

  5. PC 110
    BP 90/90/95/95
    There’s WOD’s, and the “Girls”, and Hero WOD’s, and then there’s this special type of WOD called….hmmmm….let me see…”They won’t be able to crawl out of bed tomorrow WOD’s” or “Short 10 minute TORTURE WOD’s”, or “The E.L. SPECIAL”…..

    ME: 65lb. Thruster and deloads that drastically dwindled as the rounds went on. See you tomorrow. 🙂

  6. Power Clean: 125x6min 135x2min
    Bench Press: 85/90/90/90
    WOD: 65lbs/12deloadsx2 rounds 8deloadsx8 rounds

  7. PC: 155×3/165×5
    WOD: 95lb/Deload PU’s only got 12 for 4 rounds then it went down from there to 6.

  8. Squat cleans. 225 For 2 rounds/235 for 3 rounds/245 for 3 rounds.

    BP. 185/205/225 wrist still a little tweaked for BP

    WOD. 115 lb. Thrusters all true push ups with PVC

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