Thursday 6.13.13

3 rounds for time of:

400 M Run
Rest 90 seconds

1) Deadlift (3 rep max…must reset after every rep)

2) Teams of 3 complete:

550 M (1 lap around complex) Zercher Walk
Only one team member may carry at a time.  Team members must rotate in order at every break.  Team members may assist each other to seat bar for carrying team member. 

Please Watch-“I Need to Finish This” (wmv) (mov)

Non-CrossFit Shirts-CrossFit Lisbeth

Salt: What Is It Good For?-Mark’s Daily Apple

“Just because something didn’t work out according to the way you planned it doesn’t mean it didn’t work out for the best.  Blessings are often disguised as pain first.”

28 Replies to “Thursday 6.13.13”

  1. DL: 275
    WOD: 1:20/1:22/1:24 Total=7:06
    Zercher Walk: 135/135/135/155/155/175/185/195/195/205 (Down and back inside).

  2. SWOD – DL 335 x 3 (PR) (365 x 1 – PR)
    WOD – 2:40/2:53/2:56
    Zercher walk inside:
    135/135/135/155/155/175/185/195/195/195 fail

  3. Erik amazing video of ” I need to finish this” thank you for sharing. When you have a child that you have had to make those decisions as a parent you hope you never do… look at their life and see what amazing little people God has put in our lives. Thank you for Crossfit kids, although Emma does not like dodge ball she loves Crossfit….it makes her strong she says.

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