Thursday 12.13.12

“Team WOD”

Teams of 2 each complete the following for time:

30-20-10 reps of:

Overhead Squats (75/55)
Push Ups (de-load)
Wall Balls (20/14))
Box Jumps (24/20)

Rx’d + Overhead Squat (95/65)

Each partner will complete there set while the other partner rest.

Strength: Close Grip Bench Press 5 x 5

Compare SWOD and add load to HERE

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Don’t ever let any of the stuff that happens (or doesn’t happen) affect how hard you compete. You will find that the only thing that counts is whether or not you feel good about how you did – if you wait for other’s approval or accolades, you are missing the real meaning of being a competitor.

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