Thursday 11.15.12

For time:

50 Dips
100 Toes To Bar

Reps can be partitioned any way you choose.  You may weight the dip with the focus of keeping each set between 5-8 reps and keeping the tempo the same.

Strength: DB Bench Press 3 x max reps (rest 3 minutes)

Relative Intensity And Scaling-The Box Magazine

What To Expect From the 2013 Open And Beyond

Gluten Gone Wild And What It Is Doing To Our Guts

Thanksgiving Schedule:
-Friday-10:00am Black Friday Throwdown (only 1 session today)
-Saturday-9:00am regular schedule
-There will be no CrossFit Kids or Big Dogs during Thanksgiving week

We will also begin a homework/tutor session for our CrossFit Kids on Thursdays following CFK from 4:30-5:30. Please make sure each child has their homework/spelling/book to read during this time. This will be a supervised homework time so please make sure they have their assignments or a subject to work on. CrossFit Kids Brain Function-Video

“If you don’t invest very much, then defeat doesn’t hurt very much and winning isn’t very exciting.”~Dick Vermeil

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