Thursday 10.28.10

200 M Run
30 Double unders
20 Push ups

4 Rounds for time

“Halloween Gone Bad” Saturday 10.30.10 at 1:00 p.m.  Even if Saturday is usually your rest day, plan on coming. 

Homework!  Check out and do the Mobility WOD each day-Mobility WOD

-Signs you are addicted to CrossFit

1.  You have more than one afflilate bookmarked on your computer.
2.  Your friends know your Fran time but they don’t do CrossFit.
3.  You actually want to improve your 5k without running.
4.  If you puke you know that something has been done well.
5.  You think to yourself when you see a muscle head “yeah, but can he run 400m and do 21 pull  ups in two minutes?”
6.  You can predict WOD results based on H2O intake, sleep, and Zone meals.
7.  Your mother thinks you are too skinny.
8.  You stay awake til the WOD is posted.
9.  You watch CrossFit videos over and over just to be impressed at what fitness really is.
10.  You finish your sentences with “for time” or “3-2-1 Go!!”
11.  You see scaffolding and wonder how many pull ups you can do.
12.  You raced your grandmother to the car…for time.
13.  You start naming your daily task (at work and a home) after women’s names.
14.  You pick up a water jug in your office and start doing KB swings.
15.  You start timing EVERYTHING, like going from you desk to the copier and back.
16.  You tell other people how they need to try CrossFit while you can barely walk.
17.  When you talk about Fight Gone Bad, and it is a good thing.
18.  When you have used the statement “That is the worst workout I have every done!!!  You should try it!!!”
19.  When daily task spark you to say “Functional Fitness at it’s finest.”
20.  You laugh at your teamates for complaining about being forced to do 10 push ups.
21.  You consider shopping for pants a nightmare because conventional clothes may fit your waistline but not your quads.
22.  You spend more of your freetime at CFM than anywhere else.
23.  You do your first set of pull ups during Fran and forget to count because you can’t keep you mind off how painful the next set of thrusters will be.
24.  Your wife doesn’t get offended when you often talk about Fran, Cindy, and Helen.
25.  When the WOD is accidentally posted for the next day for three minutes and your trainer recieves 5 phone calls, 5 text messages, and 5 emails wondering whats up.
26.  People think you are trying to hurt yourself and you are only doing kipping pull ups.
27.  You plan life around what time you will be able to get your WOD in at the gym.
28.  You go to the grocery store post WOD and people ask you if you are OK?

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