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  1. 3:18/3:21/3:28/3:34 (Bar dips)

    Please be courteous as we enter the gym while CrossFit Kids is going on between 3:30 and 4:20. They are very easily distracted I definitely need all of their attention. Please keep all distractions, warming up, and talking to an extreme minimum. Feel free to warm up in the back room until CrossFit Kids dismiss. The gym is closed daily from 3:15-4:20 with the exception of trainers and hardship exceptions with prior approval.

  2. 4:42/5:??/7:00? (200m)/3:32 (no run)
    Messed up this entire WOD… Did 15 KTE sub when supposed to do 12 plus shin splints=sucks.

    BS 135/145/155/155

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