Alaina Wright

"Life Changing Fitness"

Alaina Wright

I dropped in to CFM with my sister who was visiting me for a week. I was super nervous walking in the door, and didn’t know if I was capable of any of the things they do in CrossFit. I had been strictly lifting weights for 4 years or so. I remember telling my sister “my body doesn’t move like that”, and I couldn’t run for more than about a minute straight. After that one class, and seeing the Crossfit Murphy community, I signed up for the 3 day a week membership. After my Foundation class, COVID shut down everything, and I was back on my own. Brandy made sure to get in touch with me, and got me doing outdoor classes with them. During that time, I decided that I wanted to give quitting drinking another try. I’d been a nightly drinker for more than 10 years, and the shutdown, because of COVID, had me drinking even more. My drinking was very unhealthy. I was on anxiety medication, and was not happy with my body. After doing MURPH, and annual hero workout, I was hooked. I signed up for unlimited classes, and went 5-6 days a week. I stuck with the 4:30 PM class, because of the crazy awesome people, but also that would have been the time I poured my first glass of wine. CFM has helped me stay sober, and now I’ve got almost a year without any substance, including anxiety meds. CrossFit is truly for everyone. You just start with the basics, and build every day. All those movements I thought I’d never be able to do, are now random victories from the hard work I put in and the coaching at CFM. I am happier, and healthier than I’ve EVER been at almost 39 years old. Just walk through the door, and I promise you, you will feel like you belong.

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