Ahndrea Perrone

"Best Version of Myself"

Ahndrea Perrone

I was struggling with health issues and I desperately wanted control of my body and mind, but I needed help and I was having difficulty finding a way to do that. In September of 2019 I went to my first ever CrossFit class. I had never done sports growing up; I had no background of lifting weights, and at this point in my life I couldn’t even do a push up. What I did have was determination and that took me further than I could have ever imagined. The first day of the class I was hooked! They had the workout programmed, a group of awesome people who were all at different stages of fitness working out together, and coaches to teach you the movements. Fast forward to 2021 and I am about to do my first ever CrossFit Open! Along my year and a half CrossFit journey I have learned that I do indeed have control over my body, my mental strength is just as strong as my physical strength, and that I am beyond grateful for Crossfit Murphy for bringing out the best version of myself everyday.

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