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  1. Greetings everybody, I wanted to check in to say hi and it looks like ya’ll had a great week. I was really missing everybody today as I was looking at myself in the mirror doing bicep curls 🙁

    Wanted to give ya’ll the update on the Crossfit Moving Games since I now have internet.

    Overall WOD – Travel to Yorktown, Va from Murphy, Nc for time (cut off at 5pm)

    WOD #1 – For time – drive one lap to Andrews Hardees and back with fully loaded UHaul, then remove half your crap from said UHaul to rescue the stowed away kitty. – 47:53

    WOD #2 – Least reps possible – give 1 dramamine pill to kitty in carrier for 2 rounds – 3 reps, 2 pills 1st round, 2 reps, 2 pills 2nd round

    WOD #3 – For time – remove all crap from UHaul and return to UHaul center before 7pm to avoid late charge – 33:15 (awesome time thanks to CFM!!!)

    Overall WOD – 9:55:12ish

    *you know you’re a crossfitter when everything you do is for time or a rep count.

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