Sunday 4.17.11

Congratulations Ray and Holly on the newest member of the CrossFit Murphy family, Raymond Banks Gutierrez!!!

Rest Day

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  1. Congrats Ray, Holly, and Braden! With their gene pools Braden and Banks will great athletes and beasts in the weight room!

  2. Thank you everyone. Holly did fantastic during birth –she had him natural. I heard a lot of comments regarding the milk man when Brayden was born. I wont hear any with Banks because he looks just like his daddy. I love all my fellow crossfitters and introduction to Banks will come soon.

  3. We’re glad to hear everybody is doing well and congratulations on your new addition.

    Daniel and Christine

  4. Congratulations Holly, Ray, and Braden! SO glad everything went well and Banks and Momma are healthy 🙂 Ray you can definitely claim this one!

  5. Congratulations Gutierrez family! He is adorable. Glad to hear momma and baby are doing so well. Can’t wait to meet Banks 🙂

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