Sunday 3.4.12

As you know, the area around the gym was hit pretty hard Friday night.  We suffered damage to the roof leaving a hole but no comparison to the east end of the complex and the surrounding structures.  We had no damage to any equipment.   I am very thankful for God’s mercy.  As of now, I am not sure when we will actually be able to use the complex.  We will have to get the go ahead from Wells & West before we open to our members.  They were very optimistic that our end of the building would be operable soon.  How soon, I do not know.  I will post any details that I know.  The focus is now to help anyone that is in need.  For those who need to make up the Games Open WOD 12.2, we will do the WOD today at 4:00pm, location will be posted by 3:00pm.  We will keep you posted for a Monday schedule.  Please let us know if have any friends or family who need help, CrossFit Murphy is full of strong backs.

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  1. We have such an amazing crossfit family. Thank you so much to the ones who came out and helped my family and I! The calls and text messages meant so much too. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people. As Erik and I stood where my storage unit used to be, we talked about how we were so grateful the tornado “jumped” over our street, our homes and families are safe and protected. God was truly with us all last night! What an awesome God!!

  2. CrossFit Games Open WOD will be today at 4:00pm in Ray G’s driveway.

    Turn right off new road toward golf course. Continue straight across on Mulkey. Take 1st left on to caddie circle then 2nd road on left on Mashie Ln. 1st driveway on the right. There will be no charge for the use of Ray’s facilities. Tips are accepted.

  3. Change of plans. It is cold. We will be doing the wod at 4 at shawn johnsons shop at their farm.

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