Sunday 3.4.12

As you know, the area around the gym was hit pretty hard Friday night.  We suffered damage to the roof leaving a hole but no comparison to the east end of the complex and the surrounding structures.  We had no damage to any equipment.   I am very thankful for God’s mercy.  As of now, I am not sure when we will actually be able to use the complex.  We will have to get the go ahead from Wells & West before we open to our members.  They were very optimistic that our end of the building would be operable soon.  How soon, I do not know.  I will post any details that I know.  The focus is now to help anyone that is in need.  For those who need to make up the Games Open WOD 12.2, we will do the WOD today at 4:00pm, location will be posted by 3:00pm.  We will keep you posted for a Monday schedule.  Please let us know if have any friends or family who need help, CrossFit Murphy is full of strong backs.

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