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  1. It is an absolute blessing to have such a support group that we have at CFM. I couldnt believe at all the people that showed up to cheer for Leighton, Brooks, Eric, and me. Also, I had several calls and texts that really energized me all day. You guys are awesome and this competition proves that although we are a fairly new crossfit gym and dont have as many members as most, we can hold our own.

    Cant wait to WOD with you guys monday (i can assure u it will be inside)

  2. I am so proud of everyone that competed! You guys are an inspiration and a great representation of our community. I am so grateful to be apart of such a great affiliate! Love you all!

  3. Results for team WODs today…

    Crossfit men Rx’d: 5th place overall
    Crossfit women Rx’d: 7th place overall

    Very proud of all participants… More importantly, I am impressed with the overwhelming support of everyone from our gym. Thank you all for your encouragement and i assure you that everyone who competed left IT on the field!

  4. I also want to thank not only our Crossfit Murphy athletes for representing us but also thanks to all the family and friends that showed your support. Crossfit Murphy is a family and we are very thankful for all of you!

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