Sunday 11.4.12

Our family loves the show Duck Dynasty.  It is hard to find a show anymore suitable for your whole family to watch together.  The thing I love the most is the end of every show, they are sitting at the table for dinner and the father prays.  For one things that is becoming a lost concept.  Families rarely are all home at the same time to eat dinner together.  I found this information about the Robertson family, the stars of the show and thought you might find interesting.

What drives them? You might be shocked to know that the motivating force is not fame and the money that comes with TV stardom. What drives them is a simple mission that began with the elder Robertson soon after his conversion to Christianity. They are focused on telling as many people as possible about the story of Jesus Christ and what he has done for sinful people, (that’s all of us..)
What Duck Dynasty and other family media has done is to open doors that could never have been opened any other way. Phil, Jase, Alan, and John have all the speaking opportunities they can handle and more. Even before Duck Dynasty Phil was booked up for about 3 years in advance. They speak at sports shows of all sorts, sports banquets at churches and other venues, and almost anywhere they can get an audience. What you might not know is that every speaking opportunity features a rugged looking outdoors type dude with duck calls in one hand and a Bible in the other. They almost never speak anywhere that they don’t preach the gospel. This family has preached the good news about Jesus to far more people in the last several years than many major ministries ever could. They walk the walk and talk the talk, for this I most respect what they do and who they are. (Grace Digest)



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