Sunday 10.13.13

Rest Day

Congratulations to Ray, Matt, Jenny, and Amanda on there 2nd place finish at the Beer City Beatdown in Asheville!!

Instructions for testing:

Please do not exercise, eat, or drink for 2 hours before your test, and wear or bring form-fitting clothing.  Appropriate clothing is:

Men: spandex compression shorts
Women: spandex shorts and sports bra, one-piece bathing suit, or two-piece bathing suit (no underwire)

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment start time.

For the test to be $30 we must have minimum of 30 people.  If less than 30, test will be $35.

Register for test time HERE

We may have to adjust scheduled test times to get everyone a test complete and a workout immediately following. 

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  1. Thank you for everyone’s support especially Matt Wood for staying the entire day as well as the entire Brown family. We had several messages from people back home that was very encouraging throughout the day. Y’all are AWESOME.

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