Saturday 5.11.19

Teams of 4 complete the following:

Row for Max Meters in 20 minutes

Partner 1- Rows 250 M
Partner 2- Dball Hold

Partner 3- Plank Hold
Partner 4- Rest

-Each partner will row 250 M at a time to accumulate max meters in 20 minutes as a team. When Partner 1 completes 250 M Row, Partner 2 will move to the rower while Partner 3 moves to the Dball hold and Partner 4 moves to the plank hold, Partner 1 moves to the rest. Keep rotating in this pattern for 20 minutes. 
-Athletes choice on weight of Dball hold. 
-Post total meters to comments. 

Congratulations to Danny and Teonna Clayton on the birth of Isaiah Joseph Clayton! 

“Purpose is God’s responsibility, patience is ours.”~Steven Furtick

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