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  1. HC-175
    WOD-22:46-sub db(15’s) thruster for wb ( no wb and ceiling to low), bar dips (no rings)

    Well since it is completely official now, I will post my many, many thank you’s. For anyone that does not know, my family and I moved back to Concord. I want to say thank you to all the coaches for everything you did for me and my wife, Tricia. Crossfit has truly changed my life. I know I worked with all of the coaches, but I really want to say a big thank you to Matt for always finding a way to push me and make me want to be better than the day before. The one comment he made to me at the beginning that always stuck in my head was “You only get out of the workout what you put in.” This always stuck with me. Next, Erik, thank you for so many things and in ways you may never know. Everyone at CFM is truly blessed to have two people running a place that is so much more than just a box to do crossfit. Please do not take it for granite because after going to a couple places here it is NOT the same atmosphere. I want to say thank you Shawn Johnson for everyday at lunch planting the crossfit bug, I only wish I would have listened way before I did. Next I would like to say thank you to everyone else in the gym for welcoming me to your family with open arms. It is a rare thing now days for people to be that accepting. Thank you for all of the encouragement every workout. I believe there would have been many days I would not have finished if not for each of you. I pray for the CFM family to stay safe and that The Lord will bless each of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! If there is anyone that wants to keep up my email is randy.mann@aol.com or my phone is 828-557-7796. If anyone comes to the Concord area let me know so we can get a wod in somewhere.

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