Monday 8.22.11

This is something that we all struggle with.  Where do we start?  Luci Swindoll wrote this and I think we can all identify with it. 

Do you travel? I do! A lot! And there are certain things I have to take on every trip. I’ve learned first to work on the knowns—cosmetics, underwear, medications, pajamas, and night-light (I never travel without a night-light). Then I move to clothes, shoes, and accessories, depending on the season, engagement, and destination. It finally comes down to a science. Starting with what I know (in any dilemma) is helpful and will ultimately get the job done.

Starting points of any endeavor can be debilitating. We don’t want to start something because it seems too hard, too involved, and too much work. Whether it’s writing a term paper, building a house, saving money, losing weight, or packing for a trip, we don’t know where to begin—so we don’t.

Life’s highway is littered with people who had good intentions but never punched the start button. I know a few people like this, and their questions are always the same: “How did you do that?” “How do you always finish projects?” “How did you plan that far-fetched vacation to that out-of-the-way spot?” The answer to each of these is the same—start. Nobody has the key to the outcome, but we all have the key to possibility. Open the door and walk through it.  Excerpted from Life! Celebrate It copyright ©2006 Luci Swindoll

 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

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