Monday 5.30.11

“Team Gone Bad”

  15 Burpees
  Max reps Box Jumps (24/20)
  Max reps Staggered Push ups
  Max reps Jingle Jangles
  Max reps KB Swings
In this workout, teams of 5 will perform each of the movements.  Burpees set the pace with a consistent rep count of 15.  When the team member performing burpees reaches a rep count of 15, each team member will rotate to the next station.  Burpees do no count toward the cumualtive team score.  Each team will work for 5 minutes trying to accumulate the maximum reps of staggered push ups, box jumps, jingle jangles, and kb swings.  After each 5 minute round, each team will rest 1 minute. 

3 rounds for max reps as a team  of push ups, box jumps, jingle jangles, and kb swings. 

Monday Schedule:
9:00 am-Open Gym(Coaches will be participating in the WOD)

Medal of Honor “Murph” 

We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them.  ~Francis A. Walker

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