Monday 5.23.11

What do we take for granted everyday?  Yesterday I heard a young man say, how our grandparents and great grandparents had to grow their food and they had the faith that God would provide a crop for them.  We have the luxury of going to the grocery store in the air condition and picking out what we want.  We haven’t had to be on our hands and knees in the dirt pulling it out of the ground. Convenience has spoiled us and caused us to lose appreciation of what we have.  Our time is limited more and more by all the activities we become involved in.  I am not saying convenience is bad because time is of the essence these days.  Just don’t lose sight of gratefulness because it so easy to do. 

The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.
Proverbs 13:4

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