38 Replies to “Monday 5.20.13”

  1. 28:19 @ 115lbs

    Shoulder Press 95/115/135/145/155 fail/150

    Erik “El Diablo Programmer” Laney that was sadistic! Castro has noting on you dude.

    Beware the weight today guys/gals. This is a bad one!

  2. Only 2 rounds then failed out at 23:00! There’s a reason you should put some fuel in the tank before a WOD! About passed out! What a way to start my birthday! Lol

  3. 28:55 (65 lbs), walking 400,
    crawling burpee box steps…….air gasping
    front squats……laying in the floor..I am sure
    It was a Mac truck…..

    A long time passed, then-
    Shoulder press 60/65/70/75/80

  4. I would rather have done ” murph” twice than do the Murphy medical wod I did today!!!!

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