Monday 4.8.13

4 rounds for time of:

10 Power Cleans (135/95)
10 Front Squats (135/95)
10 Burpees

Rx’d + (155/105)

Strength: Clean 3 x 1

CrossFit Games Leaderboard….CrossFit Murphy To Regionals!!!!!!

Ben Smith Does 229 Reps On 13.5-Video

Olympic Lifting First Pull: You Might Be Doing This All Wrong

Congratulations Amanda Johnson, Penny Johnson, Ashley Smith, and Jenny Treece on there 4th place finish at River Ruckus!!!!

Congratulations to Leighton Brown and The Lady Bulldogs on their performance at River Ruckus!!!

There will be no 5:45am class, CrossFit Kids, or Big Dogs this week.  We will resume regular schedule next week.

“Remember, CrossFit is not the Games.  The community of people that throw down every day is CrossFit.  As Rx’d or not, a regional or games contender or not.  Soccer mom to elite athlete, we make up the community.  The overwhelming majority of the community may never walk on the Games stadium floor but will have far more impact on their local community and possibly even farther by their daily efforts in the gym.  THAT is CrossFit.”~Chris Spealler

22 Replies to “Monday 4.8.13”

  1. 12:04 @75 lbs
    PC at 105
    All Crossfit Murphy girls are invited to come to my house tomorrow. Text or call me if you think you can come and / or need directions at 361-3272. Hope everyone is having a great Spring Break.

  2. Fight Gone Bad WOD @ Crossfit Ocean Isle
    Reps 206 (1st time doing this most wonderful WOD…lol)

  3. PC 175/195/195
    SC 155/175/195 fail

    15:26 @ 115 includes a weight change from 135. Real bad idea starting @ 135.

  4. Visitor at BlueRidge Crossfit Asheville.
    Thanks Kenzie and Eddie!!

    70 Kb swings 18 lbs (2:32)

    Wod (Grace)
    Time 6:32 (75 lbs)

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