Monday 4.21.14

Yesterday was Easter Sunday.  I passed by all the fast food places on Highway 64 coming home and Zaxby’s had on their sign, “Because He Arose, We Are Closed.”  I love how a simple statement can mean so much.  The acknowledgement that Christ rose from the dead on a sign.  How many people passed by and thought about it?  We don’t give Christ the acknowledgement everyday like we should.  Because he suffered and died for us, we have the gift of salvation.  You might ask, why do you call it a gift.  A gift is defined as, a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.  You are not expected to pay people for a gift and you are at liberty to use it or not.  Christ wants you to willingly accept it because He wants you to love him.  Love cannot be one-sided.  It is a relationship.

We went and watched the movie, Heaven is for Real.  My daughter asked me, “what would have happened if Jesus didn’t die on the cross?”  My response was, “we wouldn’t have a hope in this world.  But because Christ died for our sins and if we accept him into our heart and ask for forgiveness, will become a child of God.  Just like what Colton Burpo said, “You never have to be afraid.”  We have the promise of life eternally.  We live in trying and difficult times.  But what a releif to know Christ battled for us and won!  No matter what tomorrow brings, We worship a RISEN Saviour!!

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