Friday 9.17.10

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1

There will be no WODs this Saturday, September 18 at the gym.  If you are interested, we are taking CrossFit Murphy to run the Two Hours From Anywhere 5k Run. 

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  1. Your not fooling me. The warmup will be Fight Gone Bad with a buy in of Murph and a cash out of Tabata-wall ball/dead lift/muscle ups 2 minute cycles 5 rounds.

    I’m beginning to catch on!

  2. Glad Rod has finally figured Erik out. Glad to see that I am not the only would who posts what is on their mind. But, Rod, you might be giving Erik ideas and that can be dangerous.

  3. Hey Bulldogs. We performed “Linda” over here in Cherokee today. She has haunted me since the first time we did it. 23:54 as Rx’d. Thats almost 15 minutes faster than the first. Young Clappsaddle did it even faster. I’ll let him post his time.

    Good luck on the run. Let’s see some fast times.

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