Friday 6.14.13

Two person teams complete max meters in 10 minutes of:

Swim 50 M (Rotate every 50 meters)


As many rounds and reps in 12 minutes of:

5 Deep End Muscle Ups
10 Push Ups (deload)
15 Air Squats

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All WOD’s  today (with the exception of the 6:ooam class) will be performed at Cherokee Hill’s Golf Course at regularly scheduled WOD times.  The 6:00am class will meet at CFM for Ray G’s special session (please park and enter in the back).  Pool WODs are a great way to add variety to our workouts.  Even if you are not a swimmer, an alternate WOD will be provided.  So, come HAVE FUN!!

Sometimes God calms the storm. At other times, he calms the sailor. And sometimes he makes us swim. ~Author Unknown

13 Replies to “Friday 6.14.13”

  1. Correction Partner swim with Treecy 12 full (apparently 6+6=8 to her 🙂
    WOD 11 full + 5 MU + 4 PU

  2. 7 rounds
    200-150m row
    9-5 Pullups
    10-7 dynamic push ups
    10 wall balls

    And the PreWOD warmup WOD. Breakfast Club is working hard!

  3. 7 rounds
    150-165m row
    6-9 Pullups (blue band)
    10 deload push ups
    10 wall balls (12lb)

    PreWOD step-ups on 24inc. boxes (I think all in gym, 20inc. with plat) with a 25lb weight. 5 Rounds.

  4. Breakfast Club appetizer warm-up 25 lb plate carry 24 inch box step ups I think 5 RDS

    Breakfast Club Special-
    5 1/2 RDS of
    Row 150 M
    9 pull ups blue band( last two rounds 6)
    10 deload push-ups
    10 wall balls (14 lbs)

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