Friday 3.15.13

Every minute on the minute for 16 minutes perform:

Odd minutes-Max Strict Pull Ups
Even Minutes-5 Bench Press reps @ 65-70%% of 1 rep max

Rest 5 minutes…

4 rounds of:

Every 2 minutes complete:

12 Burpees
Max Effort Unbroken Dips

Post  total reps to comments.

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How to Get Fat, Weak, and Totally Miserable in 10 Days Flat!

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.”~Roger Bannister

10 Replies to “Friday 3.15.13”

  1. Hey Gym. I wanted to take a minute and share some things that I have been thinking about lately. As I have mentioned to many of yall before, many individuals at our gym has accomplished so much already this year. I think that Week 1 of the Open has been a pre-mature boost to the “ego” of our gym (which is awesome) but I hope everyone realizes that this competition is just for fun! This is a great time where we as Crossfitters are able to compare ourselves with others throughout this great world. While we all will have a number set alongside our name, I hope everyone will keep this one thing in perspective… DO NOT FORGET ABOUT YOUR INDIVIDUAL GOALS!!!
    So far this year I have seen:

    -Athletes get their first double under and are now rep’in them out like CRAZY!
    -Get their first Muscle-up
    -Make profound gains on their PR’s
    -Dress nicer because they have lost so many inches around their waist that they have to buy new clothes

    All of these were individual goals that have been SMASHED so far this year! It is important to have goals and you better believe that all of these, once achieved, can improve your ranking as a Crossfitter. To me however as a trainer and more importantly a friend to everyone in the gym, the most impressive goal that I have seen so far has been achieved by Big Frank. (I hope he doesn’t get mad at me for this but…) For those who don’t know, Frank had severe high blood pressure before starting Crossfit. After months of dedication, Frank changed his style of living to reflect that of a typical Crossfitter; hard work and healthy(ier) living. His sacrifice has now lowered his blood pressure to normal levels as he continues to grind every day in the gym. Now THAT’S AWESOME!

    And that’s what this is all about guys. Adding years to our lives by investing in our body. Improving overall health so that we can get more out of this life is our goal. Now don’t get me wrong, do I want everyone in our gym to be among the top crossfitters in the world? HECK YA! But at the end of the day, you might not be the top athlete, but you will CERTAINLY a more Healthy/Fit individual.

    So in closing, I want to remind people that PR’s are not only for workouts. Acknowledge people’s personal/physical/mental goals that have been accomplished as well, for those are a lot harder to overcome than picking up a weight!


  2. Well said Matt. I am still a newbie at Crossfit and I have to say that after many years at various gyms I have never been to a place where everyone has a similar goal…see everyone else improve their quality of life. Every day someone is helping me with form, giving me tips and giving me inspiration. Thanks to everyone there from my wife, Rachel, and me.

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