Friday 2.11.11

“Goat Day”

“Goats” are weaknesses or movements that give you trouble.  “Goats” may be the single best way to become a better athlete.  Make your deficiencies your strong points.  Ever take time to do it?  For this WOD pick one to three ”Goats” and the coaches will create a WOD for you.  Most of the WODs will be in the form of an AMRAP in 15 minutes. 

Example:  Goats = Handstand push ups/Double unders/Pull ups 

WOD=3 HSPU,  10 Double Unders, 5 Pull ups AMRAP in 15 minutes.

Post Scores to Comments.

Devote 60 minutes to work on SKILLS!!

Homework for today!!

 “What joy can there be in a victory I did not earn?” ~Lisbeth Darsh

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