April 4.29.14

A rebellious person is one who resists authority or control over his/her life.  I can remember when I was a teenager, yes I can remember that long ago..when I thought I knew it all.  That is time in our life when we are not a child but not quite an adult, but we want to break free and make our own rules.  Any correction or conviction is totally opposed and we often find our self at a dead end.  We can bring heartache to those who love us the most.  As adults we might grow out of this rebellion or become bitter and feel sorry for ourselves and wonder why we got dealt such a bad hand in life.  When we are the ones that are responsible.  Breaking away from the life the Lord has for you can have serious consequences.  He placed his commandments in place for protection.  Learn from your mistakes and don’t let them make you bitter, but make you better.

because they rebelled against God’s commands
    and despised the plans of the Most High.
So he subjected them to bitter labor;
    they stumbled, and there was no one to help.
Psalm 107:11-12


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