CrossFit Murphy Committed Club


The committed club is an attendance challenge that will recognize and reward you for consistently showing up to CrossFit Murphy each month. Being a part of the committed club is an honor and testament to your health and fitness goals and a public showing of your consistency. In order to achieve committed club status, you will have to attend at least 18 classes during each calendar month. At the end of each month we will recognize those individuals who have attended at least 18 classes by listing everyone who made it on the website, on the whiteboard at the gym, along with the number of times attended/checked-in next to their name!


Each month we will select one CFM Committed Club name, at random, for a gift/prize! Prizes will vary each month. As well, if you make the Committed Club list for 6 consecutive months then you will receive an awesome CFM Committed Club T-shirt!


-How will the visits be tracked?
The visits will be tracked by signing in to Wodify each day on the computer in the gym or via the app. Coaches will NOT be responsible for signing you in. Attending CFM Adult CrossFit classes and Hunter’s Barbell class will count towards attendance. If you sign in to Wodify and then are unable to show up for class then it will NOT count towards your attendance.

-If I attend a CrossFit Adult Saturday morning class and Hunter’s Barbell class on Saturday’s, will it count as 2 visits or 1 visit?
This will count as 2 visits towards your monthly total, just remember to sign in for both classes.

-Will I get a bonus for exceeding 18 visits in a calendar month? Can I use extra visits towards a past or future month?
No, the focus of the committed club is rewarding you for being consistent each month, so there are no additional rewards for exceeding 18 visits or ways to transfer extra visits to other months. As it relates to the committed club, having 18 visits or 30 visits in a given month are equally as awesome.

-What if I forget to sign in?
You are responsible for signing in each day so please remember to do this before every class. If you forget to sign in, your visit will not be counted towards the committed club status (sorry).