Instructions for Workout 11.2

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I'm noticing this on the submissions I've watched where it's not full on 'worming' and not quite strict form. There also seem to be a lot of missed reps on the 12th press up where people are getting straight up from the press up to standing. It's gets much more noticeable later on in workouts.

Posted at 4:27 PM PDT on March 30, 2011

I'm judging my athletes based off the standard Tony just set on the demo video. If the standard changes, the judging will change with it.

Posted at 4:25 PM PDT on March 30, 2011

In the instruction video TB states "We want no worming. We want no waiving… her shoulders raise, her hips are still down and they come up later. This is a no rep.” He further states "You can see that her whole body raises as one unit. That plank is essential." However, the in the Workout Demo video those rules were clearly not followed, and he didn't call "no rep." We really need/deserve more clarity on this issue.

Posted at 4:06 PM PDT on March 30, 2011

Can we define "worming" please. I just did the workout, i got a low score, then watched the demo. I completed the push ups with much more strict form. Worming is too subjective. PLEASE SET A DEFINITION!!! I have to judge multiple people tonite and throughout the week and I don't know what to do.

What about this..

"Worming"- When the athletes chest leaves the ground and there is still ANY contact with the knees whatsoever.

Give us something cut and dry. Either "good rep" or "no rep". I can tell you right now there will be people who crush my score either way, but many of them will do it with their knees on the floor. More importantly, how strict do I hold my athletes tonite? Do I just say "as long as its not real bad its ok"? cause that seems to be the pattern and I dont know what to do. As a box owner I would love if HQ could please chime in.

Thank you.

Posted at 3:16 PM PDT on March 30, 2011

never mind. didn't read the other posts.

Posted at 9:55 AM PDT on March 30, 2011

Can you step DOWN from the box, as long as you get full hip extension? I understand jumping on, but do you have to jump off?

Posted at 9:54 AM PDT on March 30, 2011

Just kidding! It actually does say stepdowns are allowed!

Posted at 9:49 AM PDT on March 30, 2011

To the question of allowing STEP DOWNS - until they put an official ruling out, the video definitely shows the step-down being allowed (end of rounds 1, 5, and 8 at least). It's also a box jump not a box jump/jump off, so it would seem logical to continue to allow stepdowns.

Maybe I missed it, but does it say that the hands have to come completely off the ground? I know that at the bottom of the pushup, you can get your palms off with your fingertips barely grazing the ground, and still be adhering to the "spirit" of the movement which is to have your entire bodyweight on the floor. Anyone have a thought on that? Just looking for some clarification . . . thanks!

Posted at 9:47 AM PDT on March 30, 2011

So it looks like we can allow minimal worming, as she clearly is for the demo workout. Just no exaggerated worming. So it is going to be totally based off of the opinion of every judge, gonna have a lot of variation there.

Posted at 8:09 AM PDT on March 30, 2011

Can the feet come off the ground when you lift your hands in the pushup as long as you come up in a plank?

Posted at 7:30 AM PDT on March 30, 2011