Getting Started

EVERY athlete must complete the FOUNDATIONS COURSE .  This course will bring your fitness up to speed and teach you the foundations of CrossFit (movements, philosophy, nutrition),  while giving us a chance to evaluate you.   This will also be where you will learn more about what CrossFit is, what we define as “Fitness”, and will include a WOD (Workout of the Day) that will be scaled to your abilities after we have performed some introductory movements. Throwing brand new CrossFitters into a group session right away is a recipe for confusion and disappointment.  You can schedule a class by contacting Brandy Farmer at   Regardless of your current level of of fitness, Crossfit can help you achieve all of your fitness goals.  All you need is the will and desire to improve.

Contact us and we will personally set up a schedule.  Most foundations classes consist of 2-6 athletes.   After completing the course you will be invited to join the CrossFit Group Training,  or asked to repeat the Foundations program.

The cost of the Foundations class is $99 or the regular monthly rate.  This includes the duration of the month after the Foundations class.

We can also set up up a 1 on 1 at the convenience of your schedule.

CrossFit can be scaled to any and all abilities.  No matter the what your current fitness level and ablities are, you can scale the workout to fit your needs.  You can not get in shape so you can get in shape.  Our environment will allow you to learn from other CrossFit Murphy athletes as you see you fitness level rapidly improve.

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