Success Stories


Danny has been a member of the CrossFit Murphy family since January 2013. Check out Danny’s story:
“When I joined Crossfit Murphy almost 7 years ago I was frustrated. I was terribly out of shape - over 300 pounds, taking 5 prescription medications, and I had several different injuries from trying to get in shape without knowing what I was doing. In the beginning I was a little intimidated, but I quickly came to love the people, the coaches, and the hard work. I lost a few pounds at first, but after a few months the weight loss stopped because I didn't really change my diet. Every coach I've had here has told me that nutrition is the main thing to get right, but I just figured I'd work harder and the fitness would eventually come anyway. Didn't happen. Last year I started working with Brandy on getting my nutrition dialed in. Since then I've lost a little over 30 pounds and I've hit all kinds of strength PR's in the process. Losing weight AND getting stronger isn't supposed to be possible - especially at my age, but it's happening. Meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO sugar - in the right amounts. Turns out all those coaches were right, nutrition is the main thing. So now I'm keeping “the main thing” the main thing and getting better every day. No more prescription meds, body fat is going away, and all of my health markers are good now. All these things, PLUS I get to spend the best hour of my day on some great WODs with some of my favorite people!”

Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer is a 51 year old Administrative Assistant for Murphy High School. She has been a part of the CrossFit Murphy family since February 2016. She is married and has two adult children. Since Jennifer joined CFM she has lost over 75 lbs, learned what proper nutrition can do for your mind and body, and has made many friendships along the way. Here’s Jennifer’s story:
“My CrossFit journey started in February, 2016 after an eye opening visit with my endocrinologist. We had been trying for 5 years to get my thyroid under control with no success. I weighed 230lbs ( my heaviest ever) and my bloodwork was horrible. I was already on multiple medications for Graves Disease, Asthma and Insulin Resistance. My doctor gave me a challenge - lose 70lbs in the next year or he was going to have to add medication for High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. My husband and children were worried about my health and the future, they pleaded with me to make changes. A friend had invited me to CrossFit multiple times in the past and I had always turned her down but the next time “Bring a Friend Day” came at CrossFit Murphy I decided to go try a workout. It was a partner WOD that day and with the encouragement of my friend I survived. It was so tough, but I loved it - I was hooked! Everyone at CrossFit Murphy is so welcoming and the trainers are very caring and knowledgeable. They make sure workouts are scaled according to individual fitness levels so everyone is successful. Flash forward 3 1/2 years - my husband joined the gym shortly after I did and we love working out 6 days a week. It’s our favorite hour of the day! I lost the 70lbs ( plus some) and my blood work is great. I’m off all my medication except my thyroid hormone which I’ll need for the rest of my life. I’ve learned so much at CrossFit Murphy about the importance of proper nutrition, getting enough sleep, correct lifting techniques and stretching to prevent injuries. I’m healthier in mind, body and spirit than I’ve ever been thanks to my wonderful CrossFit family. CrossFit Murphy is part of who I am ( the best part ) and I can’t imagine my life without all these wonderful people in it. It’s just so much more than a gym or a workout - it’s a family. The hardest part is walking through the door the first time - but trust me you won’t regret it! Just do it!”